Baden-Wurttemberg Film Academy, Germany.

Baden-Wurttemberg Film Academy was founded in 1991. Today it is one of the most popular international film schools. Curriculum oriented on the students project activity provides for mastering of different spheres of cinema ant TV ptoduction: script-writing, film direction (documentary, feature, advirtising and popular-science films), cinematography, editing, animation, serial formats, interactive media, TV programs production, musical and sound film design and so on.

The Competition Program: Animation


Mobil (06:30)

Director: Werena Fels

A cow takes her own destiny in her own hoofs.


Mascquerade (04:05)

Director: Ferdinand Anglander

Otto N., everyday changes his masks and roles as everyone else. We go after him and take part in this everyday masquerade.


Make-Down (03:42)

Director: Moris Hubner

Our unconscious keeps within a lot of images, fears, desires and passions...

A falling apple (02:27)

Director: Victor Schtikkel

A falling apple. Landing.


DA-18 (04:00)

Director: Martin Grezinger

What happens when a thoroughly planned shedule of an old man get broken by a little girl?


Bob (03:15)

Directors: Jakob Frey and Garry Fast

A hamster follows his love throughout the world. Will he get her?


The Competition Program: Fiction Film


How I met my farther (20:00)

Director: Anna Porzeit

Cast: Nikolay Kinski, Georg Fohnau, Anne Weinknecht

Emil celebrates his ninth birthday knowing nothing about his farther. Emil is a great dreamer as every child. He imagines his farther in his dreams. And a dream comes true.


Its me — Helmut (11:42)

Director: Nikolas Steiner

Cast: Matias Zelik, Andreas Herzog, Zuli Rotlisberger

Helmut celibrates his sixtieth birthday, but he is 57 in fact... 


On the other end (26:00)

Director: Filipp Doring

Cast: Ursula Werner, Dorotea Arnold

Every night Marianna works as a telephone operator in a confidence service. But tonight Marianna will have to think about her own problems - no more power to hide behind the lines of telephone connection.

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